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Get right up close to the animals!

Zoo Keeper Experience
Get to be a zoo keeper for the day and work with meerkats, otters, reptiles and owls. Prepare, feed and learn about their diets and general husbandry. This experience is for 3 hours. Participants have to be 10 years and above only one participant at any time.

Meerkat Experience
Get to prepare the food and feed our mob of meerkats. They will climb on you as you learn about how a meerkat mob works. This experience lasts for 30 minutes. Participants have to be 8 years and above. Up to 3 participants at a time.
£30.00 per person.

Reptile Experience
Get to prepare the food and feed a variety of reptiles as well as basic cleaning. Opportunity to handle various snakes and lizards. This experience lasts for 60 minutes. Participants have to be 8 years and above. Up to 2 participants at a time.
£60.00 per person.

Owl Experience
Get to feed our two owls as well as basic cleaning. The owls will fly to the glove and you can learn about the species we have here at Studley Grange. This experience lasts for 30 minutes. Participants have to be 10 years and above only one participant at any time.

All bookings need to be made through Julia Stewart on 07850 669568
For enquiries: please email julia.stewart@studleygrange.co.uk

All bookings require a minimum of two weeks notice.


Below is some lovely feedback that we wanted to share.

21 October 2023

"I just wanted to email to say that Cillian and Marlene had a brilliant time at the reptile experience today. Chloe was lovely and gave them lots of information about the animals. Both children loved it!

"The experience made Cillian’s 8th birthday really special and something he will never forget."


14 April 2024

"I just wanted to send some feedback from my zookeeper experience on Saturday. You're welcome to use any of it if it's helpful for marketing etc. Otherwise, just for morale, if anything!

"I had the most fantastic zookeeper experience at Studley Grange Butterfly World & Farm! From feeding breakfast to lots of different animals, to helping with spritzing the reptile enclosures, to taking part in the Otter talk, right though to even poop-scooping, it was a fabulous day! Keeper Aidan was very enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable about all of the animals in the collection, and explained things incredibly clearly. Nothing was rushed.

"I got to spend a nice amount of time with each species and to take lots of photos. I got to meet and feed Skunks, a huge Tortoise, Eagle Owls, Meerkats, a very polite Raccoon, a friendly Bearded Dragon, a well-behaved Royal Python, and the fabulous Tarka, the otter, who I was also able to do some training with. I also got to have a sneaky snuggle with a baby Emu and, one of my favourite small creatures, a Tenrec!

"The enjoyment I experienced throughout my time at Studley Grange continued when I went for a look around after my 'zookeeping' had ended. A lovely large farm area with Donkeys, Wallabies, Alpacas, Dexter Cows, Emus, Pigs & Sheep; an undercover area full of squeaky Guinea Pigs, various breeds of Rabbit, sleek Belgian Hares, and Goats; more breeds of Chicken than I think I've seen in one place at one time anywhere; and some amazing Red Bourbon Turkeys! Back in the zoo section were Mara, Ferrets, an aviary walkthrough with gorgeous birds all around, a sleeping Genet, a pair of elusive Prevost's Squirrels and, not forgetting, the amazing butterfly house which includes even more animals. My zookeeper experience, with plenty of hand-feeds included, was real value for money and I'd recommend it to anyone with a love of animals who would like the opportunity to be up close with them (and their poop!)."

Thanks again for a wonderful day! No doubt I'll be back again soon!

Please note

All experiences are for a set time that fits in with the animal’s routine. Owl experiences may not run all year, due to government guidelines during avian flu outbreaks. Studley Grange reserve the right to stop experiences if participants or animals are becoming stressed. No refund will be given.