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Zoo Area

There's more than just Butterflies at Butterfly World - Squirrels, meerkats, Rigby the raccoon, wallabies, terrapins, a Sulcata tortoise and a reptile house! All part of our zoo area that leads from Butterfly World to our Farm Park.

Meerkats are magic! Plus what a l-otter fun!

On the way you can say hello to our meerkats. Rigby our raccoon also likes to be centre of attention, so don't forget to say hello to him, too! Check out our Patagonian Mara and our lazy skunks Timmy and Tallulah.

Feeding times are an especially good time to see our animals interacting with their keepers, these are daily and take place at 11.30am (Otter) 1.30pm (Raccoon), 3pm (Owl) and 3.30pm (Meerkat-Not on Sundays). Extra activities are added to the schedule during weekends and holidays.

Keeper Experiences (Minimum Age applies depending on the experience)

And if you want to get really up-close and personal with some of our zoo animals, why not try one of our Keeper Experiences, where we offer people the chance to join us 'inside' some of the enclosures to carry out routine feeding and husbandry tasks!

To book or for more information please email Julia on julia.stewart@studleygrange.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: the videos below give an indication of the type of wonderful animals we have here in the farm park & zoo but we cannot guarantee they can always be seen everyday.

WATCH VIDEO: Meet The Meerkats!