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Conservation and our Carbon Footprint

Here at Studley Grange Butterfly World, Farm Park & Craft Village, we are making great efforts to work with the local environment, encouraging wildlife on to the site

Our Aims:

• Improve the biodiversity of the site
• Reduce our reliance on fossil fuel
• Become energy self-sufficient in the minimum to long term
• Provide educational opportunities for all visitors.

How are we achieving this?

Improving Biodiversity on site

• Conservation grazing
• Creating new wildlife areas, including dead wood habitats and wildflower strips, leading to wildlife corridors
• Attracting pollinators not only on to our site but also neighbouring farm land, therefore further supporting wildlife and arable farming
• Creating new pond areas
• Using a recycled water system to water the tropical greenhouses, reducing the pressure that using tap water places on the environment
Reducing our Carbon Footprint
• Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of two of our large barns, with the electricity generated being used on site, within Butterfly World Craft Village
• Plans are in place to install a bio-digester. This would create biogas for us to use in the heating of our greenhouses. The waste produced by both our animals and waste food from our café can also be used in the bio-digester.

We are working with the following groups to help us achieve our aims:

• Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
• Woodland Trust
• R.S.P.B