Halloween & Half-Term


There's loads to do at Studley Grange Craft Village, Butterflyworld & Farm Park, as Jackie here explains!

More Piglets - just in time for half-term!


Just look at these little cuties! All 12 of them!

A dozen Oxford Sandy Black piglets (a rare breed, indeed), which were born at the end of September here in the Farm Park and which are now big enough for visitors to see scurrying around with their mum, Olive.

Just in time for half-term!

Come rain or shine, it's always fun at Studley Grange Farm Park & Butterfly World.

Going Green at Studley Grange


Here Jackie explains how important it is for Studley Grange to be as environmentally friendly as they can be incl. plans in place to generate their own electricity on the site; to continually reduce their carbon footprint & to do as much as possible to make it a natural environment for their animals & visitors to enjoy.

New Lambs!


Monday 2nd July, on one of the hottest days of the year and earlier than expected, triplet lambs were born to one of our Dorset Ewes. 

And two days later we welcomed twins as well! 

Both mothers and all five babies are healthy, doing well and coping brilliantly in the heat. 

And for those of you thinking it seems late for lambing, Dorset sheep can lamb twice a year, which means even more adorable babies for you to see! 

There are still more to be born so if you come and visit in the next few weeks you are guaranteed to meet these very cute additions to the farm.

More Time To Soft Play - and Party!


Soft Play at Studley Grange 

We are now open until 5.45pm Monday – Saturday, so lots more time to play!


Party time?

Plus, we are also now offering birthday partys until 6.30pm at night in our Party Room!

We do understand that as our tenants, Wyevale Garden Centre, now close at 5.00pm, you may have had difficulties accessing us through the tunnel from the garden centre. 

We would therefore strongly recommend that you always park in the Butterfly World car park and use our main entrance to access both Butterfly World & Soft Play, this entrance will always be open for you to use. 

Shearing Big & Small at Studley Grange!


With the hot weather we've all been enjoying, it was time for a much needed haircut for our Dorset sheep & alpacas here in the Farm Park - with our new unit, Wool & Cotton Snuggies, using their wool to make some gorgeous scarfs & garments! 

Meet The Clangers 2!


On 18th April Studley Grange Butterfly World and Farm Park excitedly welcomed 7 gorgeous Lesser Tenrec babies to mum Trixie. 

All 7 babies are doing well, as is mum! 

Native to Madagascar, the Lesser Tenrecs are the smallest of 34 species. 

They usually live in trees, being excellent climbers, but go to ground when they give birth, which is exactly what Trixie did. 

These adorable creatures - that look remarkably like the BBC ‘The Clangers’ - are nocturnal and our Tenrecs live in a special, purpose built nocturnal room, which you can find in the first tropical butterfly house.

Jumping For Joy!


Our wallabies have moved into a new paddock and are really happy!

Their two joeys are even venturing out the pouch to enjoy the long grass, so come along and see them this bank holiday!

Kiddin' About!


We have started kidding at Studley Grange!

These gorgeous kids were born this week and there are more to come!



New Piglets!!


Our beautiful Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Olive has just had 10 healthy and very cute piglets!

Both mother and her babies are doing well.

Baby Kangaroos!


This lovely Bennett's (also known as red-necked) Wallaby is Wilma.

Wilma is around 3 years old and if you look closely you will spot her baby peeking out of her pouch. Wallabies are a macropod marsupial. Their babies, which are called Joeys, are born helpless and will crawl into the mothers pouch where they continue to develop.

Wilma's daughter Woo also has a Joey in her pouch. Why not come along and see if you can spot them yourself!

Half-Term Fun!


So much to do at Studley Grange Butterfly World, Craft Village & Farm Park!

And rain or shine, it's always a yum yum day at Chocolate Comforts & Cake Creations - especially during the school holidays! Here Maz & Jackie show all the fun things you can try, plus our special cake-making service for birthdays and celebrations!

Lovely Lambs!


What an exciting start to February!

We had twin Polled Dorset lambs born on 1st February with more to follow.

Both mother and lambs are doing well.


By George, He's Happy!


George the tortoise has spent his first winter in his lovely new house and is very happy. He still loves to come out on sunny days so do come and say hello!

Happy New Year!


2018 is well and truly under way with Christmas being but a distant memory.

But there is lots to look forward to at Studley Grange Butterfly World and Farm Park!

Here's a little taster for you...

It May Be Winter...


But a new butterfly has been spotted in one of our tropical houses!

The Common Palmfly (Elymnias hypermnestra) comes from parts of India, sub-Himalayas and South east Asia, and as the name suggests these butterflies lay their eggs, which are yellow, on a variety of palms. The catterpillars and pupae are green and the adult has a wing span of 80mm / 3.5 inches.

On checking the palms in the greenhouse our butterfly expert, Phil, was delighted to find eggs, caterpillars and pupae. So if they get through the winter hopefully we will have them breeding into next year.

Santa In The Snow!


Here's Santa at Studley Grange!

Just taking a break from his grotto in the Butterfly World & Farm Park to check all the animals are OK today after the snowfall!

Come And Meet Santa!


Would your kids like to meet Santa and his elves? 🎅

09 & 10 December 2017
Various times from 11am

Book the Prospect Hospice Santa's Grotto at Studley Grange Butterfly World for the 9th or 10th December!

Take a tractor ride around the park and and wish a Merry Christmas to all the animals before meeting Santa and receiving a little Christmas gift.

For more information and to book, visit:

Halloween Half-Term


There's plenty going on at Studley Grange Craft Village this half-term & halloween!

Fear not if you're thinking on how you can keep the kids entertained during this busy time of the year, because we've got both covered (literally!) at Chocolate Comforts & Cake Creations here in the Craft Village.


There you will find a great place to create your own Halloween-themed cupcakes, gingerbread men and spooky chocolate 'ice' lollies. All ideal if you're planning a Halloween party at home and looking for things to decorate with or giveaway for trick or treat.

We have also specially-made Halloween cakes for sale for those who really want to make a party of it.

While you're here, of course, you can also take a tour of our other units in the Craft Village as well as explore Butterfly World indoors, our new walk-through aviary and our Farm Park where we've animals and creatures big and small for you to meet and enjoy.

So for Half Term & Halloween, just think Studley Grange!

Meet Bruno!


Bruno is a Boer Billy Goat (male) who has come to us to spend quality time with our nanny goats in the Farm Park!

He's settling in brilliantly, so we're hoping we'll have lots of kids born next spring. Come along and say hello!

Percy Has Arrived!


Percy the Dexter Bull has arrived at the farm and is settling in very nicely, thank you!

As you can see he is already getting to know our lovely ladies – so hopefully we shall have some babies next year!

Take A Walk With Wildlife


It's not just in our outdoor farm park that we've got exciting new additions here at Studley Grange... we're also delighted to show-off our brand new walk-through aviary inside.

Here you'll find a whole menagerie of birds, all flying freely and enjoying life in a purpose-built enclosure. Most are actually rescue birds that we've taken on and include zebra finches, golden pheasants, cockatiels, budgerigars, diamond doves and two types of mountain quail. Here you can get up close to the birds - some of which are mere fledgelings, which we have also bred - all friends together right in front of you!

Watch the video where our keeper Julia explains about the menagerie and the sights and sounds you can expect.

Come rain or shine, there really is so much to do at Studley Grange Butterfly World & Farm Park & Craft Village just off Junction 16, M4.

New Arrivals at Studley Grange


We are pleased to introduce you to our newest arrivals:


Ruby is a beautiful Gloucester Old Spot pig who will be 2 years old in January 2018. She is also hopefully in pig so we may have piglets soon too! She is settling in well and, as you can see, enjoying the mud in this hot weather.  

Matrix and Rabbit

Matrix and Rabbit have arrived with us from The Donkey Sanctuary. Matrix is a 7 year old gelding (castrated male), who was found in a pound, and Rabbit is a 3 year old gelding who had sadly been abandoned. Both boys went to the Irish Donkey Sanctuary, were then transferred to Dorset earlier this year and are now settling in to their new home together at Studley Grange.


On Thursday 30th August 2017 we had 10 beautiful little Oxford Sandy and Black piglets born to Olive. Both mother and babies are healthy and doing really well.

Summer News


We've loads to tell of what's new & happening here at Studley Grange!

Come and help us celebrate!

Firstly, it's an invitation to join us for Soft Play's 1st birthday on Tuesday 01 August!

When you think of birthdays the words fun, party and celebration come to mind. Soft Play at Studley Grange also encompasses all these words and this year, on TUESDAY 01 AUGUST, they will be celebrating their 1st birthday and invite you to come and celebrate with them!

Every child aged 3 years and above will receive a voucher for FREE ENTRY to Butterfly World and each child under 3 years will receive a voucher for a FREE HALF HOUR of play next time they visit (children under 3 years of age already go free into Butterfly World). There will also be a special birthday cake made by Cake Creations, so come and enjoy a delicious slice!

New Walk-Through Aviary

Our new walk-through aviary has welcomed itss ‘residents’ and will be open to the public very soon! Come along and watch their natural behaviour and see their beautiful colours; an interactive experience for all the senses.


On 11th July we welcomed our two new male Alpacas. Both Dennis (the fawn coloured alpaca) and Elvis (brown) at the front of the picture are settling in well and as you can see have just been introduced to the girls!

New Brooder

Also for the summer we have our new brooder area, providing visitors with the opportunity to see the whole lifecycle of the farms poultry. Not only will visitors be able to learn about the poultry, they will also get the chance to handle young chicks/poults.

Spring News


Rigby the Raccoon

As the weather improves Rigby our Raccoon is getting more active, and will continue to do so when the clocks change at the end of March, and the weather warms up. In order to support his improved activity we will be developing the enrichment in his enclosure with new activities for him to interact with.

Nubian Goats

All our Nubian Nanny goats are blooming, as they are preparing themselves for kidding, which should begin at the end of March. We are hoping for lots of twins.


These adorable little creatures joined us a week ago. They are settling in well, you can find them in our Butterfly House. To learn more about them watch our latest video below!

Dorset Ewes - more lambs to come

Not all our Dorset ewes have lambed yet, so look out for news when you visit.

Its mating season for Dorset Sheep, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Spring is in the air and mating has started. Edward our Dorset Ram has gone in with his girls, he is wearing raddle so we will know which ewes he has tupped (mated with).

Bo our giant buck rabbit is spending time with Blossom our giant female rabbit, the gestation period is 28-32 days, so kittens should be born at the end of March/beginning of April

Our 2 male Guinea pigs, Sid and Scruffy are spending time with our females, Millie, Mable and Martha. If all goes well, pups will be born at the end of April onwards.

December Update!


This month the farm park has seen the arrival of lots of new animals!

- We have had a number of Dorset lambs born, with more on the way. So far all our ewes have given birth to twins, and all lambs are doing well.

- Baby Hissing Cockroaches have been spotted,  you will find these in our reptile room.

- Branston our new Nubian male goat has come to stay, he is in with our female goats, so hopefully we will have kids born next April.

Soft Play at Studley Grange

Coffee Mornings are now happening in our Soft Play area, great deals available on tea & cake on Wednesday’s 10am – 12noon (term-time only)

Craft Village

Don’t forget our craft village is the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping, with lots of lovely individual gifts for sale.

Halloween at Studley Grange


It's getting scarey at Studley Grange!

Our animal residents in the Farm Park are gearing up for a weekend of spooky activities for visitors.

We've a Halloween Trail in the Farm Park plus our creepy reptile house and the chance to meet Barney the Bar Owl.

Come and visit us - if you dare!

Monday 24 October – Sunday 30 October.

Soft Play at Studley Grange


One of the main attractions at Studley Grange Garden and Leisure Park, Wroughton is now open again!

Our popular soft play area is better than ever after a short closure, with a fantastic new £80,000 refit and is renamed to Soft Play at Studley-Grange.

Soft Play at Studley Grange now features a new fun-packed indoor adventure play area for children up to seven years. An exciting range of animal themed, safe soft climbing frames, slides and dens will form the main makeover, keeping children occupied with plenty of entertainment.

King of the Castles, the UK premier manufacturer and supplier of soft play products were contracted to carry out the new installation and will be responsible for the new design as well as maintaining and deep cleaning the area on an ongoing basis.

Tony Miller, Owner of Studley Grange commented; "The new soft play design and refit is very exciting for us and for our visitors, particularly the younger ones, as it will provide a whole new soft play experience. Furthermore, with the management of the soft play area coming in house it extends our offer at Studley Grange to a one stop entertainment and leisure destination for visitors”.

Open seven days a week from 10am – 5pm (4.30 on Sunday), all are welcome on a drop in basis.

Soft Play at Studley Grange can also be hired for special occasions and birthday parties.