Summer News


We've loads to tell of what's new & happening here at Studley Grange!

Come and help us celebrate!

Firstly, it's an invitation to join us for Soft Play's 1st birthday on Tuesday 01 August!

When you think of birthdays the words fun, party and celebration come to mind. Soft Play at Studley Grange also encompasses all these words and this year, on TUESDAY 01 AUGUST, they will be celebrating their 1st birthday and invite you to come and celebrate with them!

Every child aged 3 years and above will receive a voucher for FREE ENTRY to Butterfly World and each child under 3 years will receive a voucher for a FREE HALF HOUR of play next time they visit (children under 3 years of age already go free into Butterfly World). There will also be a special birthday cake made by Cake Creations, so come and enjoy a delicious slice!

New Walk-Through Aviary

Our new walk-through aviary has welcomed itss ‘residents’ and will be open to the public very soon! Come along and watch their natural behaviour and see their beautiful colours; an interactive experience for all the senses.


On 11th July we welcomed our two new male Alpacas. Both Dennis (the fawn coloured alpaca) and Elvis (brown) at the front of the picture are settling in well and as you can see have just been introduced to the girls!

New Brooder

Also for the summer we have our new brooder area, providing visitors with the opportunity to see the whole lifecycle of the farms poultry. Not only will visitors be able to learn about the poultry, they will also get the chance to handle young chicks/poults.

Spring News


Rigby the Raccoon

As the weather improves Rigby our Raccoon is getting more active, and will continue to do so when the clocks change at the end of March, and the weather warms up. In order to support his improved activity we will be developing the enrichment in his enclosure with new activities for him to interact with.

Nubian Goats

All our Nubian Nanny goats are blooming, as they are preparing themselves for kidding, which should begin at the end of March. We are hoping for lots of twins.


These adorable little creatures joined us a week ago. They are settling in well, you can find them in our Butterfly House. To learn more about them watch our latest video below!

Dorset Ewes - more lambs to come

Not all our Dorset ewes have lambed yet, so look out for news when you visit.

Its mating season for Dorset Sheep, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Spring is in the air and mating has started. Edward our Dorset Ram has gone in with his girls, he is wearing raddle so we will know which ewes he has tupped (mated with).

Bo our giant buck rabbit is spending time with Blossom our giant female rabbit, the gestation period is 28-32 days, so kittens should be born at the end of March/beginning of April

Our 2 male Guinea pigs, Sid and Scruffy are spending time with our females, Millie, Mable and Martha. If all goes well, pups will be born at the end of April onwards.

December Update!


This month the farm park has seen the arrival of lots of new animals!

- We have had a number of Dorset lambs born, with more on the way. So far all our ewes have given birth to twins, and all lambs are doing well.

- Baby Hissing Cockroaches have been spotted,  you will find these in our reptile room.

- Branston our new Nubian male goat has come to stay, he is in with our female goats, so hopefully we will have kids born next April.

Soft Play at Studley Grange

Coffee Mornings are now happening in our Soft Play area, great deals available on tea & cake on Wednesday’s 10am – 12noon (term-time only)

Craft Village

Don’t forget our craft village is the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping, with lots of lovely individual gifts for sale.