Kiddin' About!


We have started kidding at Studley Grange!

These gorgeous kids were born this week and there are more to come!



New Piglets!!


Our beautiful Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Olive has just had 10 healthy and very cute piglets!

Both mother and her babies are doing well.

Baby Kangaroos!


This lovely Bennett's (also known as red-necked) Wallaby is Wilma.

Wilma is around 3 years old and if you look closely you will spot her baby peeking out of her pouch. Wallabies are a macropod marsupial. Their babies, which are called Joeys, are born helpless and will crawl into the mothers pouch where they continue to develop.

Wilma's daughter Woo also has a Joey in her pouch. Why not come along and see if you can spot them yourself!